Yoga for everyone



Connecting breath with movement, Vinyasa is open to all levels.  Beginners learn the correct postures while more experienced yogis will be challenged in their practice.  



Yin yoga is a practice focussed on holding poses and finding release.  This practice is essential for those who endure hard workouts and high stress.

Yoga for Athletes


As a mom of athletes and a former athlete myself, I find yoga is essential.  Athletes need the strength and flexibility that yoga provides and even more importantly, they need the calm mind that yoga provides.

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga provides preparation for birth in the body and mind.  Enjoy poses that will soften your body, help with circulation for you and your baby and provide a peace of mind that allows relaxation and deep meditation.  

Yoga Classes for Everyone


It's never too early to start doing yoga and it's hard to find the time to workout when you have a family.  Now you and your family can enjoy a workout all together.  

Restorative Yoga


Let go of stress and anxiety through this relaxing and meditative form of yoga.  Poses are held longer while the body is supported with props to calm the nervous system and allow complete relaxation.