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There are many great doTerra Wellness Advocates and business builders around the world! So why choose me?  Honestly, I try very hard to take care of my team.  If you are willing to put in the work I am willing to help you in every way I can to ensure your success.  We work as a team and everyone on my team is open to helping one another, whether it's over the phone or at our monthly parties!

What is doTerra?


DoTerra is an essential oil company, but there's so much more than essential oils! They also offer amazing vitamin supplements (their best seller), personal care items, wellness packages, and a variety of kits.  Their mission is the commitment to share the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

Working With Angela


Mayra Estrella

As a single mother, I found myself stuck.  I worked long hours making just enough to pay for childcare!  Angela helped me launch my doTerra business so I can be with my children while experiencing the lifestyle I want and enjoy!

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Product of the Month!

doTERRA Melaleuca Touch is the perfect balance of Melaleuca essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil, making it ideal to use on gentle and sensitive skin.  Get it FREE this month with your 125pv order.  Also, this month receive 10% off doTERRA SPA® Replenishing Body Butter.  Pamper your skin with the luxurious feel of body butter infused with Wild Orange, Douglas Fir, and Grapefruit essential oils.

How Can doTerra Help You


Get out of your own personal prison!  doTERRA products help you and your family's health, but the doTerra business can help you and your family's wealth!  DoTerra offers great compensation as well as great discounts and promotions for their Wellness Advocates.  From the moment you sing up you can begin gaining health and wealth!

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Why doTerra?


DoTerra makes sure their essential oils are 100% pure and make the resources available to you to prove it!  Aside from the quality of their products, doTerra also is a company that believes in fair compensation and giving back by helping communities around the world.  They take care of their employees and Wellness Advocates, encouraging healthy relationships and growth. 

What Are Your Specific Needs

doTERRA essential oils can serve many purposes from deodorizing and cleaning your home to providing emotional or immune support.  Below is more information on specific uses of the oils and kits.